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The No Dran Acid Wash kit is the ultimate solution for heavy stains and scale in your pool.

Now...you can remove pool surface stains that up to now have meant draining the pool and acid washing. If you have priced an acid wash recently, you'll find you will also SAVE significant amounts of money using UNITED CHEMICAL's kits.

Acid washing removes plaster and therefore shortens the life of the pool surface. UNITED's No Dran kit minimizes these and other problems.

Anyone can perform this process with NO prior pool experience. Just follow the easy instructions and brush the pool with the pool brush.

NO SCRUBBING...Just brush as usual. United's powerful chemistry will do the rest. The stains soak right off the pool surface.

If you use Pool Stain Treat regularly, you may never have to do this or any other stain removal process again. No Dran Acid Wash kit works on any pool surface, including fiberglass, painted, vinyl and marcite.

The No Dr?n Acid Wash® is a patented process that is the ultimate solution to removing the toughest stains and scale from any pool easily and effectively.

Traditional acid washes are expensive, time consuming, and can damage pool surfaces. The No Dr?n Acid Wash® provides better results without damaging plaster while saving money.

This revolutionary process uses your pool’s water to perform an acid wash while still being gentle on the surface. Each No Dr?n Acid Wash® kit contains chemicals to begin the process as well as pool balancers to re-balance the pool. The end result is a clean even finish that is often smoother than ever before.

The No Dran Acid Wash® is also very easy – effectively dissolving away stains and scale with as little as a few minutes work per day. This process is so powerful, it can remove stains and scale in anywhere between a few days and a week.

Best of all, no draining is required - saving you time and money.

Q: What types of pool surfaces does the No Dran Acid Wash® work on?

A: The No Dran Acid Wash is effective and safe on all types of surfaces, be it plaster/Marcite, vinyl or fiberglass.

Q: How does the No Dran Acid Wash® work?

A: The No Dr?n Acid Wash removes stains and scale from the swimming pool surface without draining by creating a mild acid bath to wash the surface. Each kit contains acids to lower the alkalinity and pH to create the acidic environment. You then add the included chelator and sequestering agent to dissolve the stains and scale, and brush the pool surface once per day. Once the stains are gone, simply use the included water balancers to re-balance your pool.

Q: How is the No Dran Acid Wash® safer than a traditional acid wash for the pool surface?

A: Traditional acid washes involve draining the pool and pouring liquid acid directly onto the surface. This can give uneven results (such as streaking), and is very abrasive to the pool surface. The No Dran Acid Wash® uses the pool’s water to form a solution to dissolve stains and scale, while being gentle to the surface. By using the water in the pool, you are also ensuring an even finish and results.

Q: Do I turn the system off to use the No Dran Acid Wash?

A: Yes, the circulation system should be turned off once the pH begins to go below 7.2. Once the pH is above 7.2 at the end of the process, you can switch your system back on.

Q: Do I have to worry about algae during the No Dran Acid Wash?

A: While it is unlikely that algae will grow during the No Dran Acid Wash® process, we recommend you use a floater during the process to prevent any possible algae. DO NOT shock the pool – as this may interfere with the stain/scale removal. Simply lightly chlorinate during the process.

Q: Can I swim during the No Dran Acid Wash?

A: No! The pool water will be very acidic during the process, and the pool should remain closed until the water is rebalanced. Kits contain signs that should be posted around the pool during the process.

Q: Do I need anything in addition to the No Dran Acid Wash kit?

A: You will need a pool brush and bucket to perform the No Dran Acid Wash®. Also, depending on your pool, you may need to supplement the process with additional balancers and/or regular muriatic acid

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