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NMP-C12-1No more algae, No more shocking, No more brushing, No more clarifiers

No Mor Problems is the ultimate solution to providing a crystal clear problem free swimming pool all year long.

No Mor Problems is an EPA Registered patented preventative algaecide that will give you crystal clear swimming pool all season long. More than just a preventative, No Mor Problems makes sure that you spend less time cleaning your pool, and more time enjoying it.

No Mor Problems prevents all types of algae and bacteria in every type of swimming pool. It’s patented formula works with your sanitizer to unleash its full potential – keeping algae from ever growing – and making sure your pool will stays clean and clear.

No Mor Problems formula also acts as a clarifier and pool filter aid, giving you the ability to reduce your filtration times by up to 50% - saving you money on your electric bill and reducing wear and tear on equipment.

No Mor Problems also breaks up chloramines (the chemical in pools that gives eye burn, skin irritation and that strong “chlorine” smell). This eliminates the need for shocking, saving you money on your chlorine.

No Mor Problems is safe to use: its formula is non-toxic, and is biodegradable – making your swimming pool safe for your family, your pets, and your environment.
Best of all, No Mor Problems is easy to use in your swimming pool; just add a few ounces to your pool every time you use chlorine.

Q: How does No Mor Problems prevent algae?

A: No Mor Problems is a patented algaecide that kills algae by activating chlorine in water. When chlorine is added to water it often reacts with things more than just algae. This locks up the chlorine in unusable compounds and reduces its ability to kill algae. No Mor Problems reacts with chlorine to unlock and accelerate its killing ability in addition to being an algaecide in itself.

Q: What types of algae growth does No Mor Problems prevent?

A: No Mor Problems prevents ALL TYPES OF ALGAE AND BACTERIA. Essentially, your pool water will be as clean as drinking water.

Q: Can No Mor Problems be used in any kind of pool?

A: Yes. No Mor Problems can be used in any type of pool that is treated with Chlorine or Bromine (including Salt Pools/Chlorine Generators). It also works with all types of algaecides and ionizers.

Q: How does No Mor Problems save me money?

A: In four key ways:

First, No Mor Problems eliminates the need for shocking. Shocking was necessary to break up chloramines in a pool to “unlock” chlorine from different compounds. However, No Mor Problems does this through its patented formula, eliminating your need to shock.

Second, No Mor Problems also eliminates brushing. Brushing was necessary to remove small deposits of algae. With No Mor Problems algae are unable to grow – eliminating the need to brush your pool.

Third, since algae can’t grow in a pool treated with No Mor Problems your filtration cycle can be greatly reduced. Part of the filtration systems duties is removing a small amount of algae from your pool. Without any algae growth, this role of your filtration system is eliminated, allowing you to reduce your filter cycle/time by up to 50%. This gives your pool enhanced clarity by allowing the filtration system to work at optimum efficiency.

Finally, No Mor Problems also eliminates the need for phosphate removers. Phosphate removers “starve” algae by removing their food source. However, with No Mor Problems , if the algae cannot grow – there’s no need to try to “starve” it.

Q: What can I expect from using No Mor Problems ?

A: As the name suggests – a problem free pool. In addition, you will notice your chemical costs (and electric bill) will be reduced for the above reasons. Also, you will notice enhanced clarity from your pool water. We often tell customers the easy way to identify a pool treated with No Mor Problems is if they can read the head of a Dime in the deep end of a pool.

Q: Will No Mor Problems kill algae already in the pool?

A: To a small degree – yes. However, No Mor Problems is formulated to last long in the pool to prevent algae – not kill algae already there. If you have algae present in your pool we recommend you use one of our Rescue Treatments before using No Mor Problems.

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