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Pantyhose for Cleaner Flows.

Maintaining balanced chemistry in your hot tub means you’ll be changing the water frequently. You can keep recirculated dirt and debris from getting into your filter system by covering the lower return inlets with pantyhose when you change the water. 

Tennis anyone? 

One tip to keep hair products, lotions, and other goop from entering your spa’s filter is to drop a few tennis balls into your spa’s skimmers, or even directly in the water! 

Keep Your Hot Tub Cover Fresh With Bleach. 

One of the most overlooked areas in caring for hot tubs is the hot tub cover. Exposed as they are to constant heat and moisture, hot tub covers can develop a musty or mildewy smell if they’re not cleaned properly. Keep the funk away by using a simple bleach solution; 9 parts water 1 part bleach in a spray bottle and spray under your hot tub cover every 90 days. 

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Customer Testimonial

Upgrading my old tub

I replaced my old broke down Vita with a new Nordic Encore Luxury Series.
What a great tub.
All Brevard removed the old tub and expertly delivered and installed the new tub. My main concern was who was doing the work. Since All Brevard has an in house licensed tech I was at ease knowing it would be done right.

Jerry N. – Rockledge, FL

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