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eos mixing chamberThe EOS O3™ (Enhanced Ozone System) is a revolutionary water purification system that is up to twice as effective at oxidizing out impurities, without the negative effects of excess ozone gas.

THE EOS O3™ System works in 3 steps:
  1. Ozone is generated using corona discharge technology.
  2. Free ozone is mixed with spa water sanitizing and oxidizing out impurities.
  3. Excess O3 gas is filtered out as water is returned to the spa.
This unique 3-part system generates as much as 2 times the amount of ozone as standard systems*, charges spa water with O3 more effectively, sanitizes spa water better, and destructs nearly all of the residual O3 gas. EOS has been third party validated to kill 99.9% of the microorganisms found in spas.
*Compared to standard WellSpring High Output Ozone system.

Specs:o3 filter

  • Ozone Output: 100 mg/hr @880ppm (2.0cfh)
  • Voltage: 120/240V, 50/60 Hz,
  • Power Consumption: 12 Watts
  • Power Indicator: LED indicator for ozone generator operation.
  • Contact Tank: EOS Mixing Vessel maximizes ozone
  • contact and removes undissolved 03 gas.
  • Destruct Unit: EOS 03 destruct unit uses the power
  • of activated carbon to remove any excess 03 gas.
Available as a factory-installed option on all models of Bullfrog Spas 2018 and later.

BluFusion Bromine Salt Generator

All Brevard Hot Tubs, Inc. is now sell, installing and servicing the Blu Water Bromine Salt System


  • Reduced chemical usage
  • Bromine is virtually odorless
  • 1 year between drain / fill
  • Uses very little electricity
  • Perpetual - bromine is produced continuously
  • Self Cleaning

Blu fusion features

  • 3 year warranty, longer than any competing spa purifying system
  • Works with 220/110 VAC automatically
  • Auto-Cleaning Electrode, once per year cleaning recommended
  • Reports Electrode Conductivity for Spa trouble-shooting (Up+Down arrows)
  • Inexpensive Electrode replacement vs competing systems
  • no chlorine, no harmful vapors, wider range of safe PH levels
  • Bromine stable in temperatures above 97f
  • dramatically reduces maintenance burden once per year drain/fill
Contact us for more information

pdfRead more about Bromine Salt Generators

kleen kanteen tumblerThe Klean Kanteen products

When work is done and it is time for a cold beer our 20oz Insulated Tumbler will keep drinks cold up to 24 hours. When it is time to party replace the ubiquitous red-plastic cup with our Steel Pints. All are built to last and backed by our Strong-as-Steel Guarantee.

Our Insulated Tumblers, Steel Pints and Steel Cups have quickly become some of our most popular products. Our Insulated Tumblers are the best coffee mugs in the morning, keeping drinks hot up to 6 hours for our 20oz Insulated Tumbler.

Permawood shelvesDiscounted Price: $130

PermaWood™ Shelves

Available to match our PermaWood™ cabinets.  These shelves won't rot,
splinter or warp.
*28" L x 9" D (curved)
*28" L x 11" D (straight)


Rounded StepDiscounted Price: $170

PermaWood™ Steps

Available to match our PermaWood™ cabinets. These steps won't rot, splinter or warp.

28"w x 15"h x 25"d (curved)
28"w x 15"h x 21"d (Straight)

Flat Step


Discounted Price: $165


All Brevard Hot Tubs - your Florida discount hot tub supplier has a safe versatile step for any hot tub.


  • Slip-resistant rubber tread is soft to the feet
  • Locks together in seconds
  • Our unique patented reversible tread design can accommodate round or square spas
  • Convenient SmartDrawers sold separately

accessory-cleanerDiscounted Price: $32.50

The convenient, fun way to remove grit! Yes we did say "Fun." So much fun, you should have your kids use it. Laughing

Grit-Gitter is the perfect small vacuum for hot tubs, spas, pool steps and tight corners. No batteries or water hook-ups needed. Simply squeeze and move over the grit and it's gone.

accessory-1Size Matters, Call For Pricing

The perfect way to try the benefits of the entire Rx line. This set of five Rx formulas provide therapy in in 4oz jars.


  • Muscle Therapy - Achy? Soothe & comfort sore muscles with this hot’n icy blend.
  • Joint Therapy – Feeling sore? Submerge yourself in this unique therapeutic blend, created to reduce inflammation and boost circulation.
  • Energy Therapy – Tired? Soak in this special blend to reduce: Fatigue, inflammation, aches & pain, swelling and stress.
  • Stress Therapy - Feeling Stressed? Submerge yourself... relax your body and clear your mind in this stress relief blend.
  • Detox Therapy – Feel the healing power. Eliminate and cleanse built up toxins with this special detox blend.

Towel RackDiscounted Price: $39.95


TowelBar is one of those deceptively simple products that makes all the difference in spa convenience. It holds towels a short distance away from splashing water and steam and conveniently folds flat against the spa side when not in use.


Folds flat or opens away from the spa to keep towels dry Easy installation

hot tub pillowDiscounted Price: $39.95

While you relax in your tub from Brevard Florida "All Brevard Hot Tubs," you can cushion you head with our deluxe pillow.

Coordinate with your spa cover or spa interior. Available in seven attractive colors.
We've been looking for a quality luxury spa & bath pillow with a eight end for quite some time. This is it.
A full sized pillow that's specifically made for wet environments. Built in drains allow excess water to escape.
Your head just sinks right in. Weighted tail hangs over about 12" holding the pillow on uneven surfaces. Measures a generous 11" x 8". Soft, water-proof, marine grade PVC. Match the pillow to your spa cover with the available Designer colors.
Zippered end allows removal of the interior for occasional cleaning.

8"T x 12"W x 1½"D


hot tub pillow 2

Discounted Price: $39.95

An individual pillow to rest your head while you rejuvenate in one of our Nordic Tubs from Brevard Florida's Best Hot Tub service center.

6½"T x 9¾"W x 3"D


Made of closed-cell, vinyl-coated foam - The Super Soft® spa and bath pillow features a soft, cushioned inside providing the ultimate in head and neck comfort. Features a weighted end for various custom applications.

coverlifterDiscounted Price: $200

Cover Rx

  • Undermount design works with all spa shapes
  • Requires only 12" of clearance behind the hot tub
  • Requires no side clearance
  • Works with a range of spa heights (24" to 40")
  • Constructed of high-grade powder coated aluminum
  • Does not attach to cover hinge for prolonged cover life
  • Features a five year limited manufacturer's warranty

Nordic-Under-Tub-Mount-RailingDiscounted Price: $290.00


Regardless of a spa's configuration, SmartRail makes entry and exit much safer. A rotating mounting bracket accommodates recessed spas as well as freestanding units. No spa should be without this important accessory.


  • Rust-free powdercoated aluminum
  • Single, corrosion-free rotating bracket with 12 screws
  • 10-minute installation
  • Slip-free, black foam grip
  • Mounts on virtually any spa
  • LED Light in handle

spa caddyDiscounted Price: $95

Sturdy and versatile, this convenient tray bolts right to the side of a spa and keeps things like cell phones, reading materials, food and drinks dry and within arm’s reach.

  • Reinforced plastic on stainless steel post
  • Swings for easy access
  • 27 inches long, 19-inches wide
  • Quickly mounts on virtually any spa
SmartDeck for Brevard Hot Tubs

Call for pricing.


The innovative SmartDeck patio system provides a perfect solution to the problem of establishing a flat and level spa surface. Each panel locks together allowing the creation of small or large decks if desired. Textured surface and black color add to the deck’s elegant appeal. The SmartDeck should be offered with every hot tub sale. Don’t give away your profits to the concrete guy!

SmartDeck rounded corners


  • Structural composite ribbing supports spa weight and more
  • Unique, interlocking modular design lets the customer choose the size and configuration that is perfect for their environment
  • Exclusive optional bullnose edging gives customers a clean and attractive appearance
  • Smart alternative to cement or wood deck construction
  • Four 24-inch square panels per box allows for easy shipping and handling
  • Great for permanent or temporary use

UmbrellaDiscounted Price: $700

Includes: choice of color, stand, light and extra battery

Keep the Forida sun from your eyes and skin while you soak in a Nordic Hot Tub.

For customers looking for a bit of protection from rain or shine, this stylish European-designed umbrella is the perfect solution. It comes in four different color options, is simple to use and can tilt and rotate with ease.

umbrella colors

  • Huge, 9-foot coverage area.
  • Tested without failure in winds up to 25 mph.
  • 8-feet, 6-inches high and radius.
  • Folds conveniently out of the way.
  • Resilient and machine-washable, Sunbrella fabric.
  • Rust-free base designed with storage capacity.
Our New Rpoducts In Stock are the Aqua Tray Spa Side Table and the Spa Bar Floating Bar for Spas and pools too!

Aqua TraySpa Bar

Aqua Tray Spa Bar Spa Bar
The Aqua Tray Spa Bar adjust to fit the side of your tub and the Spa Bar has weighted stability chambers that allow it rest on the side of the tub or float on the surface of the spa or your pool.

IntelliChlorIntelliChlor® Salt Chlorine Generator uses common table salt to produce all the chlorine a pool needs, safely, effectively, and automatically. Same sanitation performance as manual chlorine addition without the drawbacks. No need for customers to buy, transport and store chlorine compounds.

Need to calculate your pool waters salinity? Click here to use our new Salinity Calculator.


  • Full diagnostic capabilities, including cell life tracking that communicates remaining hours of cell life in real-time. Captures all performance data daily (production settings, hours of operation, chlorine output, cell cleaning cycles, salt readings, and water temperature averages)
  • Push-button operation and easy-to-view displays enable fast checking of salt levels, cell cleanliness, sanitizer output, and water flow
  • Automatic shut-off feature protects the unit and prolongs cell life under low water temperature conditions
  • On-time cycling prevents calcium and scale build-up to maximize cell life
  • Ability to communicate with IntelliTouch®, EasyTouch®, and SunTouch Automation Systems
  • Certified to UL 1081 standard for safety
  • NSF approved
  • Health Canada approved

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