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The perfect way to try the benefits of the entire Rx line. This set of five Rx formulas provide therapy in in 4oz jars.


  • Muscle Therapy - Achy? Soothe & comfort sore muscles with this hot’n icy blend.
  • Joint Therapy – Feeling sore? Submerge yourself in this unique therapeutic blend, created to reduce inflammation and boost circulation.
  • Energy Therapy – Tired? Soak in this special blend to reduce: Fatigue, inflammation, aches & pain, swelling and stress.
  • Stress Therapy - Feeling Stressed? Submerge yourself... relax your body and clear your mind in this stress relief blend.
  • Detox Therapy – Feel the healing power. Eliminate and cleanse built up toxins with this special detox blend.
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Customer Testimonial

Satisfied after research

We purchased a Nordic Retreat from All Brevard Hot Tubs, Inc. in June, 2013 after a 6-month research process. We chose All Brevard Hot Tubs, Inc. as our Spa Dealership for several reasons. They were patient with dealing with our numerous questions as first time spa buyers. We were given quick responses to our emailed questions. When we visited the shop, we were given attention and time.  While they made recommendations for accessories, they did not force them on us in “car salesman” type fashion.  

Richard and Debbie (the owners of this business) had numerous handouts and/or made copies of product materials for us.

We researched Nordic and came to believe that this product was the best for us.

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